Top 7 Tips to Improve your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world, with over 430 million members. The following tips will help you create a professional LinkedIn profile that will get you noticed!

1. Follow people that inspire you

By following individuals and companies that inspire you on LinkedIn, you can keep updated on how successful people in the industry are progressing. This is useful because it your newsfeed will be relevant to you and you can be up to date on interesting topics of conversation.

2. Write a headline that impresses

This is one of the most important aspects of your page because it is the first thing people read when they view your profile. Make sure you include your title at your current company so that people know who you work for and what your role is within the company.

3. Connect with Colleagues and expand your professional network

LinkedIn is a great way to connect with people in your office and keep up to date with their activity. It is also a good way to connect with people you encounter throughout your career, helping you expand your professional network.

4. Update your profile photo

Having a professional looking photo on your profile is extremely important. Avoid photos that are blurry or inappropriate for a working environment. An uncluttered headshot is best- a photo that show how you would like to be perceived in a corporate environment (i.e. No selfies, or photos in a social context!) Also, make sure you are wearing appropriate corporate attire.

5. Write a summary

Having a clear summary gives people an efficient and informative introduction to your experience and achievements. Within this space, you should highlight your background, your major accomplishments and your goals for the future. This is may be the only thing people have time to read on your profile so make it engaging!

6. Include endorsements and recommendations

A recommendation is a comment written by a LinkedIn member to recognise or commend your character or achievements in the workplace. Having a recommendation on your profile shows that people value your work. LinkedIn also has a feature where users can endorse your skills, improving the credibility of your profile. If you haven’t got any recommendations or endorsements, give them to someone else and hope they return the favour or ask someone!

7. Keep your current responsibilities up to date

Make sure you revise and update your responsibilities regularly. If you take on a new project or responsibility make sure you include it in your profile. If your page is constantly evolving with your career, it is a more interesting to look at!


Sophie Conway

Delivery Exective @ Vantage Point

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