Vantage Point is a services business, therefore appreciates that success is dependent on delivering value to our customers in a timely, economical and responsive manner.


An inventive yet elegantly simple business model achieves this aim. Vantage Point employs, trains and positions keen and intelligent individuals into client environments where they will continue to learn, develop, innovate, contribute and ultimately assist Vantage Point customers in the delivery of business goals and objectives. This is known as the Academy. The company continually researches and evolves its training offering to ensure training remains relevant to the financial services market.

Vantage Point makes a significant investment in each Academy Consultant it creates and is proactively developing the next generation of financial services Business Consultants. Vantage Point’s expertise lies in producing UK talent at costs comparable with off-shore markets and lower cost near-shore delivery regions and makes Vantage Point a valuable partner for Transformation and Change initiatives, Remediation Activities as well as supporting run the firm business processes.

Our Academy model was created with the following goals in mind:

Creation of a mechanism to launch and support the careers of aspiring graduates who have the drive, but not the current skills or experience to work in banking and financial services

To achieve this in such a way that not only creates a new and high quality skills base, but also benefits our customers by constantly evolving the service to fit with industry and business demand while seamlessly integrating with the customers working practices and team culture

Offer this at a price point that balances efficient delivery with mindfulness of the cost-pressures of today’s financial services organisations

To create a Socially Responsible corporate solution to the issue of graduate unemployment for those wishing to enter Financial Services

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