Vantage Point AdVantage programme is an exciting opportunity for graduates who are looking for an introduction to a career in Robotic Process Automation. RPA is becoming more and more a part of everyday life and our Financial Services clients are keen to utilise cutting-edge technologies to make the life of their customers and staff easier.

Vantage Point was created to give young people the skills necessary to thrive in Financial Services and technology. We noticed that intelligent, capable graduates were not getting the best opportunities due to a lack of relevant training or experience. So we set up the AdVantage Programme to give our consultants the skills necessary for a successful career.

How to join:

Our RPA consultants have a background in software design, coding and analytical skills learnt while completing a University degree in Computer Science, Software Development, Software Engineering or a similar degree. You would also have knowledge of Java or .Net coding as well as an understanding of Robotics, AI and Cognitive Technologies.

As well as technical skills, you will also have the communication skills necessary to work with stakeholders of all levers, the ability to learn quickly and work under pressure.

If successful through the interview process we will invite you to a place in our RPA Academy. The Academy is an eight-week training programme that gives you  an introduction to RPA in the Financial Services industry. The first three weeks of the course will focus on an introduction to Financial Markets. This will give you a basis in the field in which you’ll work and help you understand how the technical skills you develop will be used in a commercial environment.

The further five weeks will focus on technical Automation Anywhere training. You will learn software development, programming constructs, building robots, screen and smart recorders. The training is entirely online and involves interactive lectures and tutorials with a technical trainer. There is also a practical nature to the course where you will learn how to apply the skills in a working commercial environment.

Once you complete the course, we will place you with a client on a RPA specific project. You will continue to get help and support whilst gaining practical experience with a Top-Tier Investment Bank or cutting edge FinTech company.

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