RPA in Action

We ask our consultant on-site how they are helping our clients get to grips with Robotic Process Automation. Stuart Grantham has been with Vantage Point for just under 12 months and has been working with one of our most prestigious clients.



Stuart joined Vantage Point after spending time at the University of Manchester studying Maths and Physics. Stuart was looking to get into the robotics field and felt the financial services industry would provide an interesting backdrop.

When Stuart joined Vantage Point he received 8 weeks of training to prepare him for life on client site. Part of the training included intensive Automation Anywhere training while the other part focused on preparing him for working in a financial services environment. Stuart said, “The training gave me the technical robotics knowledge to become an asset to the client very quickly. The business-focused training made me familiar with the language and fundamentals of finance.” Stuart noted how he was attracted to the Vantage Point model as it gave him the tools to be successful in the financial services field. Other graduate schemes he researched gave him a good technical base, but Vantage Point stood out as it would give him a familiarity in capital markets.

Stuart was soon placed with a global investment bank working on a project to create a system for automating the financial adjustment processes applied to the ledger of the bank. He has found himself working on the front-line of the project, ensuring the deliverables of the transformation robot development. He also makes sure that front end UI is met by utilising his robotics and general technology skills. The project has a major impact on the business as through a major part of the bank’s back office finance being (in part) automated will lead to reduced costs.

Stuart has faced some challenges while on site with our client. Due to an organisational change, the project lost its technical lead meaning Stuart’s responsibility has increased. “It was a bit like being thrown into the deep end.” Stuart said, “I had to pick up SQL fairly quickly. It was definitely a challenge, but the experience has been great. Learning another coding language and working in a fast-paced environment has given me a huge boost early on in my career.”

Stuart thoroughly recommends Vantage Point RPA programme to any graduate looking to get into the field. He did have the following advice for anyone looking to get into the RPA field. “Don’t expect your work to consist of simply using a robotics tool. The field requires a rounded set of skills for its tasks of opportunity assessment, bot development, and release.” Stuart says that Vantage Point Accelerator programme has helped him develop certain skills that have made him a better rounded Technical Consultant. “Communicating effectively with the teams you are automating processes for can make or break a bot. Developing my soft skills alongside my technical skills have been key to my success so far.”

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