How to Make your Degree Stand Out

A degree used to be the key to success, a qualification from an elite Russell Group University that placed you above other candidates. However, in recent years it seems that the value of degrees has shrunk for 21st century graduates. A study shows that the share of the population with a university qualification has more than doubled over two decades. As more and more people get degrees, there is even fiercer competition as employers try to determine how they can cherry pick from a wider pool of applicants.

Due to this raised level of competition, it is of the upmost importance to make your degree stand out. The degree itself is a pass to the next level of opportunities, but it is no longer the key to success. A degree does not necessarily entail that a graduate can communicate effectively or work successfully in a team- and these are the kind of soft skills that most jobs demand. Therefore, as a graduate you must be willing to demonstrate the key personality traits that will make you stand out from the crowd, and prove you can excel in your career.

One of the main skills graduate recruiters looks for the ability to communicate well with clients and colleagues. Many intelligent graduates with brilliant qualifications are held back by their lack of social skills. Most roles nowadays are client facing, and employers look for a certain charm and likability that will be appealing to clients. During interviews, you must try and let you personality shine through. Simply by being smiley and polite will prove to the employer that you can work confidently both independently and in a team. It is also important to demonstrate the right attitude. Employers like graduates to show that they have a real passion for the industry and the company. Be prepared to really show your ambition and commitment. If you go into interviews thinking your academic qualifications are enough to succeed, this attitude wont be appreciated. You must show that you will really seize the opportunity, and invest a lot of hard work into the project.

Employers are rethinking how they attract the right talent, which means that graduates must also rethink how they can be seen as more employable. If you think more about how you can make your personality and skills shine through in interview situations, this may be your real key to success.

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