Hear how Vantage Point are assisting UBS to guide young people In the right direction

In 2007 UBS created the Bridge Academy, a school designed to inspire and encourage children from a disadvantaged area in Hackney. The partnership was established to assist students reach their full potential, by giving them the skills, guidance and support that they need to become successful adults.


This partnership has established a strong faculty for learning and development. In a school where 59% of students are eligible for free school meals and 51% do not speak English as their first language, the aim was to equip the students with the right education for a bright future. To aid this, UBS ask organisations that they work closely with to volunteer their time and expertise to assist with various projects. This has had a positive impact on student achievement and development at the school.


Last week, Julian, Olivia and Vikesh (Our Vantage Point Consultant) were given the opportunity to visit The Bridge Academy to assist with interviewing students in preparation for their all-important university applications. This session was designed to help give students an insight into the more challenging nature of higher education. Julian, Olivia and Vikesh interviewed the students and provided them with useful feedback and advice based on their performance.


It was great for our colleagues to visit the Academy and experience the work that is being carried out there. I hear that the passion the students had for their chosen subject of study and the ambition they had moving forward to university life and beyond was incredible. For Julian, Olivia and Vikesh, It was enjoyable meeting the students and a real treat to see the talent and intelligence that was displayed. The students demonstrated attributes that will carry them very far in all aspects of life!

“Our first experience at the Bridge Academy was brilliant. It was refreshing to witness the guidance and support given to the students during a transitionary period of their lives- preparing for life beyond school. Having a strong support base is important for young people who are undergoing a life change and so the help will make a significant impact to their future.”

 (Oliva Conway, Talent Management Executive)


These principles of this Programme tie in very closely with the objectives of our own Academy- the importance of guiding young people in the right direction by giving them opportunities to flourish. We at Vantage Point look forward to supporting future events and projects at the The Bridge Academy and continuing to practice this message.


For more information about this event or if you would like to get involved with future events please email: olivia.conway@vantagepointglobal.co.uk



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