Consultant of the Month- Nick Smith

Nick came to us after being awarded a first class honours in his BSc Economics and Management degree at Aston University. In addition to his impressive academic achievements, Nick demonstrated that he had the soft skills and potential to make a successful consultant. We were more than willing to help Nick expand his understanding of financial markets and find him a role that would suitably kick-start his career in the industry.

From the outset, Nick has always managed to not only meet, but exceed expectations. Nick is an articulate and engaging individual with a clear passion to succeed in the world of Financial Services. His presentations throughout the training programme were consistently outstanding and we knew Nick would continue to develop these skills once he started work on-site.

I met with Nick on a sunny day in Canary Wharf to award him the well-deserved title of ‘Consultant of the Month’ for August 2016. Nick was chosen for his excellent professional conduct and consistent hard work. It is great to hear Nick discuss his experiences over the last eight months, as the enthusiasm and investment in his work is evident. It’s also remarkable to hear of the exciting projects Nick has had the opportunity to be involved in and to really have an influence in the way things are run.

Nick says he has learnt that being a consultant is about the art of effective communication. Before finding an appropriate solution for a problem, you must first identify who will be affected by this change and the preferences of everyone involved. By creating a dialogue between yourself and these people, you are able to tweak your proposal until you find the most efficient solution. Being a good listener is an integral part of being a successful consultant- a skill Nick has undoubtedly learnt!

Congratulations Nick- you are an exemplary consultant and we are pleased to celebrate your success and progress with this month’s award.

Olivia Conway

Talent Management Executive @ Vantage Point




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