Consultant of the Month- Nick Lingley

Nick joined us in early 2015 after studying his undergraduate degree in BSC International Economics at Loughborough University. Nick impressed us with his excellent communication skills and his determined attitude to start a rewarding career in banking.

Nick’s first project was in the Investment Banking Regulation department of a tier one bank, helping to implement both U.S and European legislation. The nature of the work was very challenging and fast paced which suited Nick’s desire to learn more about the industry. Nick has often praised his mentors and managers whilst working for this client as they were always willing to share advice and offer constructive criticism of the work Nick produced. Nick’s role expanded during his time on this project as he got more familiar with the organisation which gave him exposure to different departments within the bank

I spoke to Nick about his career up to this point and asked him if he had leant any valuable lessons from the workplace. He was quick to reply and say that as a graduate consultant coming into the industry you can learn from everyone within the organisation as each person has more experience than you. Even if you don’t think that it is relevant to your role, you can still learn soft skills that will help you progress in your chosen path.

Throughout his time with us, Nick has had the opportunity to meet and work with many different people from all levels of seniority. He is right in saying that there are no limits to the amount you can learn from the people around you and it is important to soak up as much of this knowledge as you can. You can pick up valuable advice on the kind of professional you would like to be, and also the kind of professional you would not like to be.

Nick’s recognition of this has helped shape him into consultant he is today, and he has made extraordinary progress over the past 18 months. We are very proud of his performance and look forward to watching his career continue to unravel in the future.

Thank you Nick from everyone at Vantage Point!

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