Consultant of the Month- Isha Arora

Isha Arora is our June 2016 Consultant of the Month!

This month we met up with Isha to award her with June’s ‘Consultant of the Month’ award. Isha joined Vantage Point after completing her Economics degree at University of Nottingham in 2015. She was eager to get her foot in the door and start gaining some first-hand experience within an Investment Bank.

After Isha’s training was complete, she was able to start work as a Business Analyst in a project at a Tier One Investment Bank in the City. A year later, I sit down with Isha and reflect on what she has learnt throughout her time as a consultant.

Isha tells me what she enjoys most about her role is that it is varied, which means she is able to continually develop different kinds of skills. By taking initiative and proving that she can be trusted to deliver high quality work, Isha has managed to increase her level of responsibility overtime. Isha says this progression has been helped by the constant support she receives from the people she works with. Working with a great team of people is so important! We were pleased to hear that even senior managers have taken the time to train and advise Isha in certain skills. Learning from professionals in higher positions is an excellent way to be inspired by people further up the career ladder than you.

Isha has been rewarded for her outstanding work ethic: from the very start of the project, her attitude and manner has made her an extremely valued team member. She works hard to meet deadlines and delivers consistently impressive work. The feedback we receive from our client is always praiseworthy, and we are very proud to have Isha represent the Vantage Point way!

Congratulations Isha you truly deserve this- we are very proud of you and we look forward to continuing to help develop your career!

Olivia Conway

Talent Management Executive @ Vantage Point

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