Consultant of the Month- Harpreet Baht

Harpreet Baht is our July 2016 Consultant of the Month!

Harpreet joined us early this year after leaving London School of Economics with a BSc degree in Mathematics and Economics. She has a strong academic background, and particularly impressed us with her quantitative abilities. We felt that Harpreet demonstrated the right attributes to make a successful career in Consulting and Investment Banking, and we wanted to help her to achieve this.

Following her first few months on assignment, Harpreet has taken on the responsibility of her new role with great maturity. It is often a steep learning curve and can take a while to adapt, especially when you are working alongside people who have had more experience than you. However, our client has praised Harpreet for making the effort to self-teach herself the skills required. It is important to use your initiative to make the most out of every opportunity handed to you, as it proves to the client that you are capable of taking on more responsibility. When you start at an entry-level job, the first few months are crucial in terms of progressing your career. You are doing things that should help shape your professional image in a positive light. That is exactly what Harpreet has achieved, she has strived to become a valuable member of the team and one that is willing to take on the challenge of any task handed to her. The client noted that Harpreet has far surpassed their expectations for what was achievable.

I sat down with Harpreet to congratulate her on her remarkable achievements over the first few months. I asked her what advice she would offer graduates entering the sector for the first time. We discussed how important it is to establish relationships with the people around you, as this will help you to quickly advance your skills. Having the confidence to ask for help, even from more senior professionals, will benefit you hugely. Creating a good representation of yourself and treating people with respect will work in your favour when you need some extra support further down the line. It sticks in peoples’ minds if you offer to take on some work off their hands or take on tasks that others avoid doing. Creating a network of people who respect your attitude and work ethic will help you to get the best out of people and of your career.

Congratulations Harpreet for winning ‘Consultant of the Month’ for July 2016. We are very proud of your progress and this award is recognition for all of your hard work. We look forward to watching you continue to grow and to celebrate more achievements in the future!

Olivia Conway

Talent Management Executive @ Vantage Point

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