Engaged by the Global Head of Change the Bank (CTB) by this Global Top Tier Investment Bank, Vantage Point assisted in the implementation of several financial regulatory changes across various the entire firm. Particular areas of focus for this project are FATCA, MiFID2 and MAD/R

Vantage Point was initially responsible for the screening and monitoring of new regulatory developments. We were responsible for updating stakeholders, business leaders and Desk COO’s about regulatory developments, flagging critical items to decision makers and tracing what decision have been made. The item could either sit within the program they were in, or sit within another program. The process also involved writing a detailed report of all considered regulations. Vantage Point Consultants are responsible for separating each regulation, defining all requirements and ensuring that all risks are captured. Progress is also reported and aligned with both the program and legal department until a consolidated view is achieved.

Separately, Vantage Point are managing a regulatory monitoring initiative, helping to drive enhancements to the current process by interacting with other divisions within the bank and producing one overall solution. Vantage Point leads this team, assessing the different tools and their capabilities to match the bank’s requirements. We continue to give presentations to senior stakeholders in order to introduce new regulatory items to different groups. We also manage all aspects of MI and produce documentation surrounding relevant projects. It is important to provide a high level overview of the scope and predictions of what is to come, as well as who would be impacted to the interested parties.

Vantage Point initiated work on a new Swiss derivative regulation (FinfraG). Our team are responsible for looking at the trades that are in scope for FinfraG in the banks branches around the world.

Furthermore, the team provide support on a trade surveillance project, which involved looking at the existing and future regulations that will have an impact on the bank’s trading desks. In this project, Vantage Point analysts work very closely with the COOs of the desk and the general council.


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