Vantage Point worked on two highly interconnected projects within data change for a large European Investment Bank.

Project 1: Vantage Point were responsible for analysing and scoping the main attributes of the population of legal trading agreements and clients within the bank to assist in achieving critical regulatory commitments. The output was consolidated into a master file and continuously amended in light of new and changing business rules. This file dictates the processing scope of the department, ultimately feeding into a number of tools and utilities. This file is periodically refreshed and distributed to a number of consumers within the bank. Recently, this process has been automated into a complex SQL query, and one Vantage Point consultant compiled an extensive business requirements document together with an intricate flowchart model.

Project 2: To assist the bank in reducing costs and increasing profitability, the Vantage Point team marshalled a clean-up of agreements and trading accounts, where they identified no long-term trading activity or value to the bank. This is a global exercise spanning all Investment Banking product types and encompasses a multi-step process where we liaise with Legal, IT, Product Desks, Client on-boarding, Risk and dedicated teams based in India. As such, our consultants were responsible for running the analysis using extra-large datasets, communicating with key stakeholders and coordinating their efforts.  Most recently, they developed an internal tracking tool which records all developments and ensures an up-to-date view of the state of our deliverables. They have also been closely involved in automating the output of this process using Robotics technology.

Currently, the Vantage Point team are beginning to work on extensive handover and training documentation that summarises the project and its intended state within BAU, as they are tracking to handover the project by Q4 2016. All in all, their main tasks encompass creating and maintaining project documentation, creating periodical presentations for senior management, data analysis and transformation using extra-large datasets (Excel, SQL, Access) and daily communication with front, middle and back office stakeholders.

The project has been an amazing opportunity for our consultants and as they have been granted a high degree of responsibility and accountability right from the start. By engaging with stakeholder management, the team have gained significant communication skills as well as developing their analytical and critical thinking skills.


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