Vantage Point engaged with a top tier investment bank working on multiple projects within a transformation and remediation programme as part of The Chief Operating Office (COO). Vantage Point worked alongside the COO team on a PMO project to assist in front office reconstruction.

The first project involved a team of analysts working with the COO team, part of the Front Office Implementations desk. The first aspect of the project was working with business managers from each desk in the front office in order to identify the population in scope for the exercise, create a survey template relevant to the respective desks, and discuss the approach to be taken for each team in order to successfully retain the intellectual property. This involved initially proposing the initiative at Management Team meetings and creating packs to explain the project and its scope. Subsequently, the team of consultants had to confirm the approach to take in order to ensure knowledge, history and key facts are not lost amidst the current change environment which impacts key persons, systems and knowledge.

Once the proposal has been accepted and the escalation forum has been confirmed, the analysts engaged with the population in scope for the exercise and held interviews with the supervisors on behalf of their desks to discuss the responses to the survey. Alongside this project, our team of analysts assisted senior members of the team with the approval process and testing of a viewer tool to be used by business managers to assist with BAU tasks, as well as creating and managing the intranet site for the CIB Business Review Committee and managing the communication to be sent out to the relevant population to make them aware of changes made to the committee.

The second team of analysts worked as PMO’s in a front office reconstruction and remediation project.

Their role was to source and refine information and document programme status updates for reporting to central PMO, governance boards and key stakeholders,

Ensuring that all information published is current and accurate. The team had to identify and report programme risks, issues, actions, dependencies by managing programme RAID and keeping the risk logs up to date.

Assisted project managers and work stream owners where, working closely with costs reduction workstream, analysing ways in which they can reduce cost in the front office.


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