AdVantage AllStar

Want to know more about why our Consultants careers progress so quickly? Find out how Alec Clucas has made an impact in his client role and his experience so far as a Vantage Point Consultant

Alec joined Vantage Point in early 2015, having completed his studies at Royal Holloway University of London where he obtained a 2:1 in Financial and Business Economics.


Alec has a keen interest in Finance Regulation and after previously completed work experience as a Fund Manager, was eager to start his career in Financial Services. After his initial interview, Alec was invited to join the AdVantage Accelerator Programme and enter the AdVantage Academy to complete his practical training prior to being placed with a client.


Alec was successfully and quickly offered an exciting placement in an established, experienced, senior team as a Junior Consultant with a Top Tier Banking client working in Finance Regulation. Alec’s professionalism and practical knowledge of the Financial Services gained from his work experience and our unique AdVantage Programme made him an ideal and desirable candidate.


From the outset, our client appreciated Alec’s fresh approach to the project and he was given responsibility early on. The support received from his team members, Managing Director and his very own dedicated Vantage Point account manager was integral to his success. To this end, we are very impressed with Alec’s confidence and assertiveness in the workplace.


As Alec’s skills and experience developed, he was given the opportunity to transition into working for another Top Tier Banking Client where he was given a more senior position with more responsibilities and the opportunity to work on an international project with a senior team consisting of Department Heads and Managing Directors. He enjoys the responsibility and ownership of this job and Alec found being challenged daily by his role has been crucial in developing new on the job skills. He relishes the pressure of the direct business impact if he does not meet his targets and enjoys shaping middle office.


Alec career has progressed quickly and he has now entered his third year with Vantage Point advancing to a Senior Consultant in a management role. It was great to catch up with Alec last week and we would like to formally congratulate him for his brilliant work and the fantastic progress that he has made so far in his exciting career.


Alec’s performance has recently earned him the prestigious title of an Advantage AllStar. The Advantage AllStar Programme is where Vantage Point recognises the hard work and performance of our consultants and rewards those who demonstrate the necessary values that make them a Vantage Point Consultant.


If like Alec, you relish responsibility, enjoy working under pressure and like being challenged daily in your job, email to find out more about Vantage Point’s Advantage Accelerator Programme.  


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