AdVantage AllStar – William Edwards

Want to know more about why our Consultants careers progress so quickly? Our AdVantage Allstar is a perfect example of how hard work and the right attitude can get you ahead in your career.

The Advantage AllStar Programme is where Vantage Point recognises the hard work and performance of our consultants and rewards those who demonstrate the necessary values that make them a Vantage Point Consultant.

We are pleased to present our latest AdVantage AllStar – Wiliam Edwards.


William joined us from Leeds University after gaining a degree in Mathematics. He was keen to get an introduction to the Financial Services industry as it was a field that always fascinated him. After an early career in Personal Banking, William was attracted to the AdVantage Programme as it gave him a more well-rounded view of the industry.

Soon after his training, William was offered an exciting placement at an international Investment Bank. William’s professionalism and work ethic matched with the completion his AdVantage training and experience gained from his work experience has moulded him into an asset to any business. After completing his first assignment, William joined one of our most prestigious clients in their remediation team. From his first day, our client appreciated Wiliam’s fresh approach and he was given responsibility early on.

He matches this with a genuine interest for the work he undertakes and a pride in everything he does. William as just reached his 18 month anniversary with Vantage Point and is thriving with one of our biggest clients. He is a big proponent of personal development, writing for us last year, William said, “when deciding on an investment, one should always choose the option that gives the highest rate of return at the lowest level of risk. So, why spend all your time and energy investing in the cryptocurrency markets when you could see a risk-free and effectively guaranteed return in your development and career prospects.”

When not working William is a keen sportsman playing Ice Hockey and Football. We’re proud to have William as a Vantage point consultant and his performance has earnt him the prestigious title of an Advantage AllStar.

If like William, you relish responsibility, enjoy working under pressure and like being challenged daily in your job, email to find out more about Vantage Point’s Advantage Accelerator Programme.

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