Foundation Fundamentals

Software Development Life Cycle

Project Management in Software Development

Development Methodologies, Waterfall, Agile and Hybrid

Compliance and Audits

BPM and Workflows

Configuration Management

Release Management

Dev. Ops

Roles and Responsibilities of a Business Analyst

RPA Awareness

What is RPA?

Why and it’s benefits and Risks

Contemporary buzz words used in conjunction with RPA

  • IoT, Machine Learning, Big Data, AI, BI, Digital

Roles & Responsibilities

Process Business Case Modelling

Evaluating the Benefits

Impacts to Target Team/ Organisation Evaluation

Process Identification

Implementation Maturity Analysis

Functional Requirement Questionnaire (FRQ)

The Handover Process to Business Unit

Operational Impacts Documentation (OID)

UAT Procedure

Define and Concretise the Process

Draft your PDD

What is doable with RPA

Where are the Troubles Hiding?

Build a fast-to-develop PDD

Organisational change management

Technical change management/ CR Procedure

RPA Journey

Detailed Process of the RPA Journey:

2 Case Studies with Detailed Discussion:

  1. A Case Study of Robotification of A Common Relatable System. (ex: Leave Management or Customer On boarding)
  2. Case Studies Identified and Developed from/for the Financial Market.

Overview of RPA Tools

Overview of the Following Tools and Terminologies used with these tools:

  1. Blue Prism
  2. UI Path
  3. Automation Anywhere
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