The Advantage Academy offers an extensive 8 weeks training course in Financial Services. This is followed by client specific training, which is given at request of the client.

Week 1

Financial Markets- An Introduction
Money Markets – An Introduction
Bond Markets – An Introduction
Foreign Exchange (FX) Market – An Introduction
Commodities – An Introduction

Week 2

Derivatives – An Introduction
Forwards & Futures – An Introduction
Options – An Introduction
Swaps – An Introduction
Swaps – Applications
Scenario – Using Derivatives in Hedge Fund Strategies

Week 3

Asset Management – An Introduction
Business of Investment Banking
Corporate Banking – An Introduction
Risk Management – An Introduction
Market Risk – Identification
Liquidity Risk – Identification & Measurement
Counterparty Credit Risk (CCR) – An Introduction
Operational Risk – Identification & Measurement

Week 4

Life of a Trade – An Introduction
Life of a Trade – Pre-Trade
Equity Research & Valuation
Scenario – A Day in the life of a Money Market Trader
Treasury Management – Finances of a Bank
Asset & Liability Management (ALM) – An Introduction
Life of a Trade – Clearing & Settlement
Life of a Trade – Ongoing Position & Risk Management
Banking BPO – Collateral Management Advanced

Week 5

Uk Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
Banking Regulation – An Introduction
Basel II & Basel 2.5

Week 6

Overview of Project Management
Initiating a Project
Planning Project Scope
Planning Project Activities

Week 7

Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Sharepoint

Week 8

Understanding Competency-Based Interviews
Competency-Based Interviews: Preparation and Techniques
Time Management: Reclaiming Your Time
Time Management: Effective Techniques
Time Management: Thinking Time
Time Management: Urgent Versus Important
Performance Under Pressure: Problem Solving
Communications: Report Writing
Communications: Presentations Skills
Communications: Persuasive Writing
Active Listening Skills
Meetings that Matter
Managing Performance
Managing a High Performance Team
Management Challenges
Leadership: Change Management

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